Read Books in Spanish – Online Resources to Get You Started

Source by Kip Devvy

Most people study Spanish to be able to speak and carry on conversations they meet during travel or, perhaps, in the course of their work.

A smaller but not insignificant number, though, desire to go beyond speaking Spanish. They want to have the pleasure of being able to read Spanish books and other materials in the original language.

Thanks to the Internet you have a huge choice if you want to read books in Spanish online, or to download them to your computer for perusing at your leisure. Many are in the public domain and are therefore free of cost.

A huge selection of free books and other literature authored in Spanish may be found at La Biblioteca Virtual de Espanol ( Catalogued like a real library, with sections and subsections ranging from literature to history to religion to travelogues to much more, this virtual Spanish library could keep you supplied for years with texts to read or download.

If deep thoughts are to your liking, you’ll definitely want to spend time at the Proyecto Filosofia en Espanol ( Here you can read books in Spanish covering a wide range of philosophical subjects.

You don’t have to limit yourself to old material, either. For instance, has a section of contemporary books in Spanish at They are offered completely free of charge; all you need is a copy of Acrobat Reader on your computer to read them, since they’re formatted in PDF.

Don’t forget good old Project Gutenberg, either. It has a whole section of free texts in Spanish at They range from Aesops’ Fables to Cervantes’ Don Quixote, and some are available in audio format for when you feel like listening instead of reading.

These resources should be enough to fill the needs of any bibliophile wanting to read books in Spanish. And if you want more, just Google for them. You might be surprised at the wealth of material available now.

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