And Old Book, a New Bestseller

It's often said that it can not be done … but anything is possible if you have a brutal seller's mindset. Bear in mind that every book is a product. Whether it's a new releases, an old book, a 50-page story, an 800-page epic, fiction, or nonfiction … they all have something in common when it comes to Amazon. As far as Amazon's search engines are concerned, all of these books are just other products and their ID is – from their point of view – just a unique ASIN. Either age, nor gender, nor history matters. All that matters is how well a certain ASIN is likely to sell.

So many authors have published their works expecting their books on Amazon to somehow sell themselves, and even possibly appear on Amazon's top chart – oh, to have such confidence must be a wonderful thing! With some books having substantive marketing budget behind them, and some others represented by marketing professionals, many self-published books are unfortunately destined to disappear in the backgrounds, and simply fail. The quality of the book always matter, but nobody could deny that quality alone does not sell books. Professional sales strategy and big advertising budgets make an awesome difference on digital sales channels … but a self-published author can not compete against companies that have been selling books for decades; after all, their ability and know-how in making a book perfectly sellable is the second largest asset they have. The first is – obviously – their money. Money buys audiences: it's a simple law of big numbers, and one we can not get away from.

Undoubtedly you may have read some success stories in the past. Yes, I know, some self-published authors really did it – and it's highly impressive that they did. However, the other side of the coin – the sad truth of the matter – is that thousands of other authors have failed to achieve a positive profit margin, while the lucky few managed to make it big with seemingly little effort on their part. One could imagine that Amazon is not only the biggest bookseller in the world, but also the biggest graveyard for books and authors' aspirations! A few million books (and that's not an overstatement, amazingly) are just staying there, resting in limbo, without a single visit for weeks or even months – totally forgotten, marked as a failure, left to fade away. So many potential bestsellers have failed due to the fact that publishing is not a simple task, despite the fact it may look like one when you consider how slick the publishing procedure is on platforms such as Kindle. With just a few clicks, your book has been published! Wow … And then what?

However, your book actually might stand a chance, so long as you adopted a seller's mindset and acquire some critical marketing skills – something that I consider a vital element of digital sales success. Let's drop the technical jargon and dive right into the middle of things. There are several steps to be performed before you engage in publishing on Amazon.

The sales strategy is built on data, not on our own subjectivity of what could turn out well. This is something you'll have to bear in mind during this entire process. It's not romantic, it is not glamorous … but it's reality.

In fact, it does not just come down to data. I actually see three crucible elements for any sales strategy:

Inbound sales

If you are putting your book out there against millions of other books, you'd better have a decent data-based strategy. When writing a book, authors are fine when it comes to making investments in proofreading and editing. Editing is a must-have for any author, I would not disagree with that for a second. However, how many authors immediately jump at the chance of getting a marketing / sales professional involved? Precious few, actually, these people and their skills are also being a must-have. You need data, and you need professionals that have access to the right data.

What kind of data do we use? Obviously, our main focus is on our competitors. Our data should show how successfully books in our specific genre are doing. What's their overall Sales Rank? How many reviews do they have? What keywords do they use when creating their persuasive sales copy? This is nothing to do with writing, I know, and it is not necessarily the 'fun' part of producing a book for sale. However, this is something that HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE PUBLISHING. If not, you are just another fish in the sea … and one which is being quickly circled by sharks!

A smart seller is also someone who is technologically savvy. They must be familiar with all those fancy marketing tools and techniques, and stay updated on the latest developments in this field. To become familiar with them, an author must, therefore, acquire some specific knowledge. How do you set up a blog? What's SEO? How do you use social media to sell more books? What's the deal with Twitter? Are promotional sites any good? Why does a book need a good video?

So many questions, we know. You'd better learn the answers to them for yourself if you are in any way serious about self-publishing, though, as the answers to these questions will result in you seeing a huge difference in your ranking and sales figures. The alternative, of course, involves you hiring a marketing professional, just like you hired your editor. Publishing is not a process of getting your book on Amazon's shelf. It's A BUSINESS, and one which requires a business-like approach.

Another point: what about inbound sales? Can you really focus on your buyer's needs and goals? How do you sell the way prospects buy? Again, more questions than any serious Amazon seller need to consider, if they want their product to get anywhere!

Yes I know, I'm being a little aggressive here … but a seller would understand, trust me. Sales are not something that just happens like a bolt from the blue. It's something you need to make happen by using data, technology and inbound sales methods, with a professional guide leading you.

So, back to our original question. Can old book become new bestsellers? Well yes, they can, without a doubt. Just imagine, for a moment, that your book had a set-up that utilizes all available data and technology in establishing a unique customer experience. Imagine your book standing out, even without a strong advertising budget, lead by data-driven sales strategy … it's not impossible, not by any stretch.

I have a real thing for old books. After all, some books simply failed to connect to readers, but many books never had the chance to connect. I always say: it's never a lost game, so long as you believe in your book. If you want to bring your book back into the game, then have some faith, for there's no doubt that it really can be done!

How? By following these steps:

Buy a license for professional tools, such as KDRocket, to research your competition, ideas, keywords, and categories.
Join a learning / coaching program on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Blogging and other marketing channels that have proven to be successful in book sales
(I may have one for you – SEO Crash Course For Publishers)
Learn about your customer base; read reviews, join groups, engage.
Build your own audience, do some self-promotion. Start with a few followers, and never allow yourself to become discouraged.

There's also a secret sauce you can add to your efforts: consistency. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Do not give up on your books. Give them the love, care, attention and professionalism that they need, and help them bring their message to the readers who are out there, already searching for what you have to share!

Source by Jo Lajko

Publishing Books Online – The Things You Should Do

This article will teach you how to publish your books online. It contains detailed tips and lessons that can help you become a successful writer / publisher.

Use Programs Designed for Book Writing

Mainstream word processors (eg MS Word) are created for general purposes. You may use them to prepare resumes, letters, essays and similar documents. However, these programs are not ideal for writing books. They possess a lot of features that you do not need as a writer. Instead of relying on Word or TextEdit, invest on a specialized program like Scrivener.

Basically, Scrivener is a word processor designed for writing books (eg novels). It has cool features such as tabs and automatic backups. In addition, it has a "corkboard" that can help you generate and manage ideas.

This tool is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

Avoid Tables

The Kindle platform is not fully compatible with tables. Tables get jumbled and / or divided into several parts when viewed on a Kindle app or device. Thus, you should communicate your message using plain text as much as you can. If you really need to display tabulated information, use screenshots and insert the images to the book.

Hire an Editor

This is an important investment. You might be a skilled writer, but you need the help of a professional editor to root out the mistakes present in your final output. As you know, misspelled words and grammatical errors can turn off even the most avid readers.

If you do not know any professional editor, ask other writers for suggestions. As an alternative, you may look for a freelance editor through or similar sites.

Send Advanced Copies to Some People

One of the best ways to promote a book is to send some copies to others. Ask these people to leave reviews on the book once you publish it on the Kindle bookstore. Nothing beats positive reviews when it comes to attracting new readers.

Note that the reviewers should indicate that they have an advanced copy, especially if the contents of your book require the "test of time". For instance, if the title of your book is "How to Boost your IQ in Two Months", and the reviewers posted their comments on the same day you published it, potential readers will think that you are doing something fishy.

Take Care of the Post-Publishing Tasks

You spend more than eight hours each day writing your book. Now that you press the "Publish" button, you'll spend 12 or more hours on your book. You probably assumed that the difficult and time-consuming stuff ended upon publishing your work. Well, nothing can be further from the truth.

After publishing your book, you should do the following:

· Generate buzz.

· Launch and manage marketing campaigns for your book.

· Post on your website or blog about the release of your work.

· Make sure that the published book is error-free.

· Analyze the sales performance of your book.

· Interact with people who bought your book or are interested in purchasing it.

· Use social networking sites to share the news about your new accomplishment.

By doing all these, your published book in Amazon will turn out to be a huge success.

Source by Rob Hillman

Using Picture Book to Stimulate Your Child's Imagination

How Does a Picture Book Stimulate a Child's Imagination?

Most American schools have developed strong left brain learning environments. History, math, and language arts are all examples of concrete thinking that requires simple rote learning or practiced memory skills. This is a tragic state of education as school after school continues to cut the right brain learning avenues such as art, music and drama. These are the abstract, problem solving, and imagination stations of the kid's brain.

This minimizing of abstract learning, combined with the instant entertainment of video games, software apps and the time consuming focus kid's put on texting can dumb down their mind's ability to think imaginatively.

It's tough to convince an older child, who has already established patterns of textependency to pick up a book, or draw a picture.

It's easy to work with a young child, before they have become exposed to all the mind numbing techno toys if parents begin exposing their young ones to picture books starting from birth.

Story books with pictures are perfect for stimulating a child's imagination and accelerating the early language learning process.

Picture Books Encourage Imaginary Pretend Play

Few children will incorporate the character of an action figure they have seen on a video game. However, a strong character featured in a picture book or simple children's story will inspire further substantive adventures within private or social play times.

These kid's books stimulate your child's imagination by providing lingering mental images. Kid's love to draw, picture books provide shadow images within the child's mind to help them develop their right brained drawing skills. The more exposure to these picture books the greater their creative resources and imaginary adventures can develop.

Story Books With Pictures Fuel Emotion

Picture books fuel the emotions that lead to developing dreams and life direction. An image seen through a picture book can help to pull out the innate passion in every child in respect to their fears, personal achievement and goals relative to their comprehension. Imagination through visualization is the first step to achievement. If a child can see the picture book experience happening to them; such as hiring a home run, or singing a song on stage, will go long way to making it happen in their personal life.

Holistic Learning Benefits

The benefits of these books go beyond developing imagination. They are perfect for strengthening an early foundation for language and logic.

A picture book provides the reinforcement for first identifying sounds before a child's mind understands that those sounds make words. Placing images with sounds accelerates the subconscious comprehension of tone, pattern and reading through word and picture association. Books with pictures help toddlers and pre-school aged children develop further language skills through:

  1. Help with story comprehension if all the words are not understood
  2. Pictures offer reading clues when a child begins practicing reading
  3. They help to develop a logical sequence of story; every story needs a beginning, middle and end

The love that a child feels from snuggling up into the lap of an adult to share a storied book is beyond compare. These relaxed times are the best times for a child to begin their imaginative learning in an environment of nurture and support.

Provide a double punch of learning value with a personalized picture book. These books quickly pull in a child's imagination by weaving them into the story. Not just any personalized story will do however, it must have quality of content, relevant illustrations and a strong positive message. See example here .

Source by Sue E Krippner

My Top 5 Stephen King Books

I have been a huge fan of Stephen King ever since the mid-seventies, when he took the literary world by storm with his first novel, Carrie, about a young girl with awesome telekinetic powers. King has, of course, gone on to write many more fantastic novels. Some have been great, some not so great. Here are my top 5 Stephen King books from the former category:

1. Salem's Lot – Without a doubt, my all time favorite Stephen King book. This spine chilling classic – King's second book after Carrie – about a Dracula-like vampire by the name of Kurt Barlow, who spreads his plague of vampirism through a small Peyton Place-style town just oozes sheet horror and menace from every page. And being a BIG fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula, well, what can I say? Salem's Lot ticks all the right boxes for me. A true horror classic, and my second all time favorite vampire novel after Dracula.

2. The Shining – The ultimate haunted hotel story. King does a brilliant job here in telling the story of Jack Torrance, who carries much emotional baggage with him (triggered by his torturous relationship with his father) as takes up a job as winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, accommodated by his wife Wendy and son Danny. The Overlook is truly the hotel of your worst nights, and as all its resident ghosts and malevolent atmosphere begin to manifest into the Torrance's lives, you can really feel the claustrophobic sense of horror that the snowed-in family begins to experience. The Shining is a veritable masterpiece of creepy fiction.

3. Misery – Stephen King actually created a terrifying and unforgivable character in Annie Wilkes, the psychotic nurse who holds writer Paul Sheldon prisoner in her secluded cottage after pulling him out of a car accident in which he broke both legs. You can just cut the tension with a knife as Annie, enraged on discovering that Paul has killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain, forces him to bring her back in a new novel. And nowhere is her insane wrath made more starkly evident than in the notorious hobbling scene. Annie Wilkes really is the crazed fan from hell.

4. Pet Sematary – My favorite back-from-the-dead story. There is certainly a valuable lesson to be learned here for anyone who might harbor wild ideas about attempting to resurrect a Deceased pet or loved one: never EVER bury their corpse in an old Indian burial ground. You may be sorry, as the protagonist of this novel, Louis Creed, certainly was in this truly terrifying novel. Loved the movie version too.

5. IT – What could be more horrifying and disturbing than encountering a shapeshifting entity that can take on the form of our worst fear? Well, meet Pennywise, the demonic clown who does just that in King's epic novel of a small town intermittently hated by a monster as old as even time itself. IT is a truly fantastic read, and such a huge doorstopper of a novel too. Right from the moment when the evil Pennywise makes his first appearance down in the storm drain and taunts – and often kills – poor little Georgie, I was utterly hooked from start to finish. And when I finally finished the book, I enjoyed it so much that I STILL felt like I could go on reading more of it. It really was that good. I especially loved all the little homages to classic horror monsters, like the vampire and the werewolf that King peppered into his story. So if you want to get stuck into IT, my advice is to read the novel and shun the three-hour TV movie, which was nowhere near good.

Source by Alan Toner

Use 'Tell Me Why' Books to Answer Children's Questions

Being a parent, you will certainly understand that children have a very inquisitive nature. They are keen to know and understand about everything happening around them. This is very natural, and in fact good, as it shows that they actually pay attention. At times, however, the question that they may ask you can sound easy, but very difficult to explain, at least in a way that they would be able to understand. Some of the questions that they may ask you are "Why does it rain?", Or "Why do stars twinkle?"

You might try your best to answer such questions, but if you try and give them a scientific explanation, they probably are not going to understand. If you need some help, you can depend on a "tell me why book". You should find books of this nature in the local children bookstore. Common children questions are compiled and then answered in such a simple yet factual manner, which your child will easily understand. The best place to find all your "why?" related book information is online. Many parents have used these books, and are extremely satisfied with being able to answer any question that their children suddenly pop up with.

As parents, you are generally expected to understand everything, at least questions that your child may have. However, your child may, at times, ask such a question that will set you thinking, and you need to give a through answer for the same. In such situations it will be great if you have reference books, which you can go through, to answer what your child requests. You will surely enjoy every bit of it, and it will be a learning experience both for you and your child.

As you search for answers to your child's questions that even you do not have an answer to, you can spend some amazing time of discovery with your kid. Amongst the famous books are "Why?" and "What Is A Bellybutton." The author of the "Why?" book is Catherine Ripley, and this book is available online. Your child is certainly going to enjoy the "Why?" book. Moreover, as a parent, you too will enjoy the experiences your child has with it.

A 'tell me why book' generally covers a varied range of topics like why does a door of a store open when you get close to it, why do stars twinkle, how does soap clean you, why does a frozen juice can stick to your finger as you touch it, and many other questions that are connected to the day to day experiences your child has. The category can be a little vague as you search for these kinds of books. However, if you inquire at local bookstores, or search online for related children books, you will certainly find what you are in the search of. By being informative, these books are also fun and educational. In fact the "tell me why book" will prove immensely helpful for your child, at least in the early elementary school level. Get these books, have fun with your kid, and see him thoroughly enjoy his learning experience.

Source by Jackie Sheets

3 Facts About Kindle Books: Changing Lives

I write kindle books. My writing has received a lot of comments both positive and negative at the same time. Comments / Criticisms and estimates happen every day and the feedback can either make or break you. Actually, though, I view all criticism as just a way that the reader has to give me feedback so I can improve upon my writing, 'Thanks To Those Who Criticize'.

Lucky me, I am never discouraged but encouraged and challenged to be better each writing day. I am one grateful writer who has made fortune in this pursuit. But through the years of writing, I have discovered the most important aspect in this profession – how you touch lives.

I have also written a kindle book composing of the main reasons on why you should write a book. The purpose of the book was to let readers know the reasons on why they should start writing their own kindle books. It was an encouragement to make lives better. But I never thought that with that book I have touched and helped so many readers. Feedback showed that I did not just make them a living; I gave them the power of self-worth and self-respect. I never expected that it would make such impact to my readers.

Writing a book may not be an easy pursuit but it can be learned. The satisfaction and the fulfillment you earn is something you should look forward to in writing and finishing a book. How can kindle book change your life?

1.) Better. When you have achieved your goal of publishing a book, you then market it at kindle. It will be promoted, mainly by Amazon and readers will enjoy and read your new book. The attention and notoriety you gain will add to your confidence. When you become confident of yourself and who you are, you become a better person.

2.) Income . When your book has made sales then profit is at hand. Your income will increase and your living will be made more comfortable.

3.) Help . You would be of help to a lot of readers who are trying to find solutions to their problems. Your book may provide the information that they need.

These are the three major changes that can happen to you with kindle books. It is one life changing experience. I have noticed that those who write and finish books feel contentment and fulfillment in their lives. The feeling of contentment is an aid to write more and share more of what you know. It becomes like a hobby to write and inform people on the things that may also help them. It becomes a hobby to assist them. It becomes a natural pursuit to help them and make their lives better as well.

Writing Kindle books touch lives. The impact you leave to the readers is the largest reward you will ever receive. How you inspire them is your legacy.

Source by Rob Hillman

Most Popular Stress Relief Management Audio Books

Are you one of those people who have enough sleep hours but do not feel like rested at all? Sleep is in some ways different from rest in the first place. Rest is the total relaxation of your mind and body whereas sleep is limited only to its very definition as a natural state of bodily rest. Your body may have rested but, your mind probably has not. Unconsciously, your mind could have been still worrying about your overdue bills, your problems at the office, or your faithful husband who has not come home yet since yesterday.

As what Confucius has said, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Literally, every one of us led a complex life. Even babies have complicated lives too. And too many complications primarily lead to stress. Everyday, a lot of people get to experience stress very frequently and it has severely affected their used to be normal ways of life as well as their physical and mental health. This is the main reason why more and more people are seeking all the possible ways and assistance to help them lessen stress. Stress relief is not as simple and as easy as it may seem. To become fully and successfully relieved from stress, you need professional assistance or suggestions from people who have dedicated their lives understanding the very meaning of stress and the importance of a stress free life.

But then, instead of literally going outside and having a serious conversation from a real life professional, your computer can provide you enough assistance to help you live that stress free life. I'm not talking about a computer with built in reaching arms that can give you that massage therapy you've been wanting to have. With just a few clicks and taps on your keyboard, you get to access a number of audio books that can properly guide you towards a stress free life. These books are not like any other ordinary books as they are the so called talking books and all you got to do is listen and relax.

A lot of stress management audio books are offered on the internet; you can easily download them in no time. One of the many popular audio books that are out now in the Internet is the "8 Principles of Spiritual Living" by Anthony Strano. In this audio book, Anthony Strano shares all his secrets and principles towards our lives' inner stability and joy. These very principals that he's very much willing to share with everyone are mere products of all the experiences and experiences that Strano has made over his 20 years of practicing life's spirituality. Popular categories included in the book are stress management, personal growth, and health and fitness. The audio book's regular price is $ 7.92 but it can be downloaded today with only $ 5.75.

"A Guide to Eliminating Stress and Anxiety" by Andy Guides is another audio book that has also been cleared the racks these days. This audio book talks about the serious case of stress and anxiety and the effective ways of dealing with them. Andy Guides himself has experienced the same stress and anxiety that everyone has had. What he did to effectively deal with these things can be heard in his audio book at only $ 10.99. One category included in his audio book is alternative therapies against stress and anxiety.

Another audio book to look out for still coming from Andy Guides titled "A Guide to Guided Relaxation". The whole 2 hours and 59 minute length of the book is packed with all the necessary tools for a guided relaxation, its benefits, the effects of stress, guide to a proper yoga, restful sleeping, imagery relaxation, and a whole lot more. At $ 10.99, you get to instantly download this self-help audio book and reap the benefits of effectively managing your stress.

Break ups are also a potential source of stress for anyone. In some foreign countries, this has been leading cause for suicide. This is the main reason why Dr. James E. Walton made his book, "After Breaking Up: Healing the Heart and Finding Happiness". This one hour and 15 minutes audio book deals with the positive growth from negative experiences, effective ways towards full recovery, moving on with life, the differences between men and women upon break ups, the importance of sharing the problem with other people, the helpful benefits of hypnosis for such problem, and a lot more. At $ 7.99, you get to quickly download this short spanned yet extremely helpful audio book.

In the past years, hypnosis has been regarded as an effective medical practice for pain relief and some surgical procedures. Andy Guide's "A Guide to Hypnosis" audio book reveals to us that such practice can go further and can be used for a lot of healthier purposes. With Andy Guide's audio book, you get to effectively choose a competent hypnosis instructor, the benefits of hypnosis, how hypnosis can help deal with diabetes, and a lot more. This 3 hours and 10 minutes audio book is easily downloadable at the price of $ 10.99.

Other than the ones mentioned above, the internet showcases a lot more audio books that have become popular not just because of its author, but also with all the benefits it can deliver to anyone who cares to listen.

Source by Jim Oneil

Books of Milorad Pavic

All works of Milorad Pavic, without exception, are masterpieces. Each is unique in its kind, and leaves a trace in memory. His novels can finally satisfy your aesthetic hunger and the aftertaste is long …

He uses metaphors, that is why he can be described by metaphors. He is like Bach's music, and like any genius is difficult to explain.

His books have a therapeutic effect, because the reality he creates is not certain. As soon as you find the path of reality, and start thinking- here is my familiar world where the laws of everyday life are in force – you immediately fall into dream. Somebody said that he writes as we dream. The world he offers is not definite and final. You need to relax and plunge into his fantastic reality. One of the heroines from Terrifying Love Stories explained our need of control using chess as example. She said something like this.

Take a black chessman and under the black paint you will see its white soul of the tree from which it is made. I want to say that it does not matter how the chessmen different from outside, all of them, black and white are, in fact, half white- half black and the struggle between black and white is inside each of them. This inner struggle can not be affected by chess moves that you think about. The game involves not so much the two warring armies; the field on which they move is also involved. As soon as they are on a black field, black in white and black in black, that is, evil spirits in the people and evil spirits in the evil spirits draw strength from this dark surface of this dark ground. Conversely, as soon as they appear on a white field, the support comes to the light, which is in the humans and the evil spirits playing in the party. So not only light and dark secrets have the fight inside of the chess figures, but the ground benefit their feet is also involved. How can you have your pathetic moves to influence the outcome of events? Why play a game in which you are no one and nothing?

Pavic's books are mystical, amazing and deep. His texts are reach, many phrases may become a famous quote. In one of the stories Pavic talks about beauty, that it is so hard to create, so much effort is spent on it. In contact with the beautiful, we feel relieved, knowing that when the overall energy in the world was distributed, we were released from a known amount of labor. The efforts of others, invested in the beauty, reduced our share of fatigue, saved from a certain expenditure of energy, that is why we can enjoy it. In beauty we just rest …

While reading Milorad Pavic's books you just rest …

Source by Laura Legend

Critical Review of the Book Titled "Sal-A Feast of Kashmiri Cuisine"

I wanted to prepare a typical Kashmiri Sherbat at the time of Ramzaan. I was searching for Kashmiri recipes. I was not very fortunate enough to know about it. Luckily I discovered the details of the recipe in the book titled "Sal-A Feast of Kashmiri Cuisine". It was written by Smt. Neerja Mattoo-a Professor in English literature and teaching in the Kashmir University. It was a colorful book with lots of recipes from the valley. It was published in the year of 2008. The name of the publisher was Gulshan Books, Srinagar-Kashmir. The ISBN is 81-8339-063-3. The cost of the book is Rs.495.

The book is dedicated to her mother. The contents of the book are:

1. 11 Wazwaan recipes

2. 7 Non-Vegetarian recipes

3. 21 Vegetarian Recipes

4. 8 Mutton and Vegetable

5. 9 recipes prepared from fish and 1 recipe prepared from duck

6. 2 Dried Vegetables

7. 4 Recipes using rice

8. 4 Desserts

9. 4 Beverages

10. Snacks and Tea-Time Savories

11. 4 Chutneys

12. 1 Pickle

13. 2 Spice Cakes (garlic and asafoetida based)

The excellent points present in the book are:

a. Different varieties of recipes have been shared by the author.

b. The author gives a vivid introduction about the Kashmiri cuisine-right from seasonal dishes to festive cuisine.

c. The authentic recipes shared from her side are Sadre Kaenz, Sheer Chai, bakery products, harisa, girda, etc.

d. She discusses the use and prevention of certain spices and vegetables during festivals and seasons as described in traditional books.

e. Very clear colored photographs for various dishes are showcased in the book (this even includes the traditional copper utensils used for different purposes).

f. Her major contribution lies in the sharing of recipes using dried vegetables.

g. This is the only book sharing the recipe for a beverage called Barbribyol Sherbet (beverage prepared from chia seeds) and sadr-e-kaenz-a fermented rice water).

The weak points of the book are:

a. The sections on non-vegetarian and mutton and vegetable could have been taken into one category only.

b. The author was not fair in her contribution towards the discussion and listing of the Wazwaan dishes.

c. Although the author mentions about various bakery products in the Introduction of her book, however, there is nowhere mentioned or discussed about the manner in which these products are prepared by the Kandarvaan or the baker's shop.

d. The author is not shown much attention towards the preparations of various dishes from the discharged vegetables.

e. There are other varieties of pickles prepared in Kashmir. The author misses her points in it too.

To summarize in the end, the book is truly an introduction to the world of Kashmiri cuisine. The author describes the steps in a very lucid manner and one can follow them nicely. I enjoyed cooking some of the recipes from the book.

Source by Ramani Swarna

Sell ​​Books on Amazon – How to Write Your Description and Crucial Book Terminology

Probably the most important thing you will have control over when you list your used books for sale on Amazon is to add a full, detailed, 'sell-able' description of the condition of your book to the Amazon Seller's listing form.

Since the buyer can not pick up and look over your book, actually touch and feel it and thumb through the pages, it's your responsibility to faithfully and honestly describe the item. You will need to:

• Put in what the buyer wants to know.

• Put in what the buyer needs to know.

• Put in what the buyer might be surprised to know. (ie, "Book signed by author")

• Put in a second reason to buy. (ie, "First Edition")

• Tell the buyer he or she can be confident that the book will be packed well and shipped promptly.

• Offer a freebie (ie, "Free delivery confirmation to ensure accurate delivery to you")

Here is a sample that I've used that looks to work very well. I have this on a template page loaded onto my computer.

I pull up the lists (they are in very basic Notepad text format to avoid having data conversion problems if they were in MS Office or some-such other word processing software program which seems compelled to add strange formatting options to what I type), and All I have to do is copy-and-paste the description which closely matches what I'm selling, insert it into the right spot on the form, then go in and edit it 10-15 seconds to accurately match the book's condition.


Condition: Used – Good

Comments: Good condition, hardcover, sixth printing 1952. No dust cover. Exception for 2 inscriptions inside front cover, there is no writing or highlighting noted on the inside pages. Edges and spine of cover scuffed lightly, spine OK, binding OK. Good copy for reading or research on this topic. In stock and ready to ship today. We ship USPS standard media mail with free delivery confirmation to ensure timely, accurate delivery direct to you.

It makes no sense to list condition of the book as "Like New" if it is truly "Good" condition. Stretching the truth is a sure way to squeeze your profits selling on Amazon!

Lately I've been adding in the fact that my own seller rating is quite high. I do this not to brag; rather, I add this type of remark to set myself apart from other sellers.

Amazon Third-Party Sellers are ranked by feedback received, and the "Star" ratings do indeed influence who buyers will order from.

A seller with a low rating might not ship on time, or might be guilty of not describing the book accurately, or maybe not even ship the book! Whatever the reasons, regular buyers tend to shy away from sellers who have low ratings, and steer their business to those sellers who get good feedback.

I now add a phrase similar to this to new books I list for sale on Amazon:

"Buy with confidence from 5-Star Amazon Seller!"

Short, simple, and to the point. No bragging. Just the facts. I DO have a 5-Star Rating, and I want to bring their attention to that and set their mind at ease so they will not wonder if they are risking their money buying my book over the other 50 books of the same title bidding for their attention.

Many sellers mention their turnaround times ("We ship same day!") Or number of books shipped per day ("Thousand shipped daily!") Or some other promise of dependability. My advice is to find your own unique selling proposition that will set you head and shoulders above your competitors.

In the event you do not know how, here is a quick example of how to copy and paste using a Windows computer keyboard:

I've found it's much easier to type up the description of books in Notepad, then copy and paste using old-school keyboard techniques.

  1. Use your mouse or your laptop mouse to highlight the text your want to copy, then hold down the CTRL button (located at the bottom left of your computer keyboard) and press the "C" key. That copies it to your clipboard.
  2. Go over to the screen showing your Amazon book listing form, click your cursor onto the "Comments" box, the hold down the CTRL button and press the "V" key. This pastes it into the form. Saves you tons of typing.
  3. If you need to make a small change to the copy – say, for instance, the spine on a paperback is creased and torn slightly – then you can scroll to that part of the description, type it in, and click the "Submit" button . All done!

Move on to the next book. Copy. Repeat. Rinse. Nothing could be easier!

Now that you know one of the most important things that will help you sell more books, CDs and DVDs on Amazon, put this know-how into practice to make extra money in your spare time in this easy work-at-home business. By fully and completely describing your items using these simple tips, you're sure to sell more, make more money, and enjoy a respectful seller rating, too!

Source by Steve Johnson